This trio of musicians headed by Josetxo Goia-Aribe at the saxos, Quique Simón at the piano and Jose María Pastor at the drums and the percussion rises on a musical event planned by the last two mentioned to the first one in a situation we can somehow denominate "Blind-Date"

The Seidagasa group (Torrevieja, Alicante) leaded by the pianist and drummer calls the mentioned navarra saxophonist the late September of 2014 to make a record in a context of free improvisation, no scripts, with the only goal of making music, talking and having a conversation as someone that have just met. It"s a hard challenge, very hard to refuse this opportunity for any musician that"s really inside the musical improvisation. This group met each other for 2 days in the studio willing to express and communicate on a freedom environment where the free improvisation stands out without previous script or any kind of indications at all. It resulted to a mix of tonal and atonal music, popular expression references, impressionists, baroque, etcetera resulting on the background and all this musician"s freedom and respect in their each field and a great willing of internal communication. The amount of experience on each of this reference musician"s career on the Spanish improvisation field supposes a bigger peculiar step on their paths. Contemporary music as a desert from this brave and disobedient trio.


Josetxo Goia- Aribe´s project called "En Jota. With Arantxa Diez as vocalist, Javier Olabarrieta at the piano, Baldo Martinez at the double bass and Javier Colina´s collaboration. "Jota" is a musical genre which Josetxo dresses in new clothes in a clear challenge to the traditional patterns. It is almost sure that this challenge is not going to leave anyone indifferent. Surely another "Jota" is possible.

In his first work, "Auñamendi", Josetxo Goia-Aribe, together with three Parisian musicians, takes a journey through Navarra which, while borrowing elements from folklore, takes us to a world of more contemporary sounds.

Then comes "Eunate", a musical adventure in which this saxophonist proposes a duo of sax and cello, a none-too-conventional combination which, with silence as an accomplice, offers 13 unique, suggestive compositions.

His 3rd CD, "Herrimiña" includes prestigious works of collaboration, a repertoire with Atlantic and Mediterranean airs, the appearance of voice in the form of the “jota” and a wide range of pieces which lend a special touch to this album, the younger brother of its predecessors.

His 4th CD "Ilhargi-min" lends the voice of the French-Basque singer Maddi Oihenart to different classical and contemporary texts from Basque literature. Piano, voice, saxophone and double bass mould the tone of the latest offering from this restless, innovative musician.

His 6th work "La Orquesta Jamalandruki" (The Jamalandruki Orchestra), a four wind-instrument challenge with David Herrington on the trumpet, Marco Bellizzi on the trombone, Luis Orduña on the tuba, Josetxo Goia-Aribe's saxophone, composition and arrangements and Guillermo McGill's great sensitivity on percussion and drums. This is a piece in honour of a long-dead magician called Jamalandruki. Music with no tricks.

"Hispania Fantastic" is a brave album, a turning point. Improvisation and the freest developments from popular musical expressions of the Iberian Peninsula are the ingredients of this work. American ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax, who traveled through Spain in the 50s, has contributed to the imaginary of Josetxo GA with Baldo Martinez, Antonio Bravo and Lucia Martinez to create the CD / DVD. Live recording.